Welcome to Steam Clean My Carpets!

Dear Deltona friends and neighbors, and welcome to Steam Clean My Carpets, LLC! Are you looking for the best solution for tile and grout cleaning in Deltona, FL? Would you like to come home and not recognize your kitchen or bathroom floor? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Ellen Fagan, and I have been living in Deltona with my family for the last 19 years. We know what it’s like living with kids and pets, when there is no time or energy to clean your floors properly. The old-fashioned wand used by most professionals sometimes achieves clean tile but the grout remains dark, which is why we decided to look for something new. Once we discovered the Rotovac 360i, we have never looked back since!

Establishing Steam Clean My Carpets, LLC was the first step towards getting our friends’ and neighbours’ floors as spotless as ours, and we can do the same for you. We clean your tile and grout in several different ways, depending on the level of dirt, as follows:

  • Our revolutionary Rotovac 360i uses a combination of rotary nylon brush bristles, spray jets, AND vacuum slots to easily remove all the dirt and grime on both the tile and the grout. With both hot and cold water options, it will get your floors sparking clean in no time!
  • We have a special device that reaches under kitchen cupboards and other tight spaces, achieving a level of cleanliness like never before.
  • We also have edger equipment to clean corners and edges, something that our competitors often opt not to do. This device does an amazing job!

Once the job is done, we also seal the grout lines. Our grout sealer serves as the perfect barrier against any accumulation of dirt between the floor tiles, which significantly lengthens the time between cleanings. Our goal is to make sure that cleaning your tile and grout is never a problem again!

We proudly offer our FREE no-risk Guarantee for your tile and grout cleaning – that is how confident we are by the results we can achieve. In fact, clients have told us that we managed to restore their floors to their original color!

We want to become YOUR professional cleaner: You will not regret it! Ask us for a free quote today by calling (386) 860-2202 or completing our Free Estimate Request form, and get ready to be amazed by our tile and grout cleaning in Deltona, FL!

Ellen Fagan