Okay, I get asked a lot about spots and how we get them up with the Rotovac 360i.  Well, this post is for you!

Here is Bruce getting ready to tackle some nasty looking spots.  He already applied the pre-spray to the spot (pre-spraying spots is no additional charge with us like it is with some others).  Then he starts the Rotovac as it spins several hundred times per minute removing the spots.  It does an amazing job.  However, I must tell you it can not remove all spots and stains as sometimes they are permanent.  This is especially true when you have the bright colored stains (such as red, orange, blue, yellow) that have dyes in them.  Since dyes are what give carpet its’ color, it stands to reason that dyes will likely permanently stain a carpet.   Now having said that, we never know if a spot or stain will come out until we actually go to work on it.

So, there you have it.  I can not guarantee all spots or stains can come out but I have been told we got out many that others were not able to get out with the old fashioned “wand” that most everyone else is using.

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Have a great day!